I can remember sitting in front of the television watching ESPN as the police entered the home of Aaron Hernandez. The year before I was watching my favorite fantasy tight-end open the safe and throw money in the air in celebration for his multiple touchdowns. I was dumfounded. As my eyes welted up, and the frog in my throat grew I asked, How the HELL does this happen to a top athlete? How did he get wrapped up in this? I watched as people closed the door on him and talk about him as if he was nothing.  Just the year before those same people were celebrating him, calling him one of the best. I quickly realized that I did not want this to happen to anyone else. So like any person that wants to help people I jumped head first into a profession where I would have a loud enough voice to make an impact, public relations. 

Day in and day out I work to ensure that the narrative of my players, coaches and executives are unforgettable to them and to the public. An Air Force veteran, I am a diligent and insightful leader with an in-depth understanding of the power of your reputation and brand influence. As a Publicist, I develop stand-out athletes, coaches, and executives in the sports industry through powerful brand strategy, sell-out launches, and creating unforgettable public personas. Earning an MA in Public Relations and BS in Marketing Communications, I  develop and hone a strategic mindset for communications, brand alchemy, and public persuasion. I partner with sports industry professionals who want to create a legacy beyond the game.