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My Motto: If I Can Make A Change In One Athlete’s Life, I Have Done My Job.

I can remember sitting in front of the television watching ESPN cover the police entering the home of Aaron Hernandez as they searched his home. The year before I was watching my favorite fantasy tight-end open the safe and throw money in the air in celebration for his multiple touchdowns he scored at the Super Bowl. I was dumfounded. As my eyes welted up, and the frog in my throat grew I asked, How the HELL does this happen to a top tier athlete. How did he get wrapped up in this?? Most of all, where was the team who was supposed to be supporting him?  I watched as people closed the door on him and talk about him as if he was nothing.  Just the year before we were celebrating him, calling him one of the best. To where we are now, wondering what went wrong. It was then that I realized that I wanted to be a part of the professional development process. I wanted to build brands so tough that it would keep players busy, yet ignite a fire in them that pushed them to do more for themselves and their community. I wanted to create messaging that aligned with his or her spirit so closely that it changes his or her actions to support their greater goals. You may call me crazy for thinking that I can make this change, however I will tell you that you are crazy for thinking that I cannot. My motto is, even if I can make a change in one athlete’s life, I have done my job. However, the way my God and team work, we are changing the lives of many athletes.

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